Why Remote Network IT Support for Small Business is Critical

As a small business owner, you have probably been approached by companies offering IT support services for small business. If so, do you fully understand what you have been offered? The world of IT can be a complicated world to business owners who don’t focus on it as a primary product or service. So trying to understand what’s being pitched by an IT services company can be difficult as well.

In this post, I want to outline what IT support services for small business actually look like. There are literally dozens of services a vendor could offer a small business owner; only a small handful are applicable to most situations.

1. IT Security

At the top of the list is IT security. No matter what industry a small business is involved in, the security of that company’s computers and networks is critical. Even if the company only utilises a small number of connected desktops along with mobile access via smartphones and tablets, security is a concern.

IT security services can be as minimal as consulting or as extensive as deploying a complete security suite. It just depends on a company’s needs. At the heart of IT security is protecting customers.

2. Data Backup and Recovery

Next on the list is protecting the integrity of company data. This involves creating regular backups and, should it ever be necessary, data recovery operations in the event of a system-wide crash. Data backup and recovery services might even be more important than IT security in the sense that so few businesses give proper attention to regular backups. It is almost scary to realise how many businesses don’t back up their data at all.

3. Cloud Services

An emerging area of IT support services for small business includes cloud services. In other words, small businesses can now access software as a service (SaaS) solutions as an alternative to investing in proprietary solutions that can cost thousands of pounds. A good example is the Google suite of office solutions.

IT support in this arena would come in the form of consulting and deploying such solutions. Post deployment support would be provided by the SaaS vendors.

4. Repair and Maintenance

Last on the list is repair and maintenance. Yes, IT support services for small business include hardware and network repairs, upgrades, and routine maintenance. Something as simple as cleaning machines to get their speed back is something that a competent provider can offer. When small businesses make repair and maintenance a priority, their computer systems run better and last longer.

While it’s possible to run a business without computerisation and networking, doing so is rare. Just about every business in the UK utilises IT in some way, shape, or form. That’s why IT support services for small business exist.

If your business is struggling with anything related to IT, I am interested in speaking with you. Please contact me to learn more about how my IT support services can benefit your company.

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