What can we do for YOU?

Office Automation

Have you thought about how much time you spend in front of this screen doing the same old tasks time and time again? Well may of those routing processes could be made into automated routines, saving you time and effort, and the freedom to get on with actually doing the business your want to make a living from!

We have the skill and expertise from doing this since Office was just a glimmer in Mr Gates’ eye to make your life so much easier

Manage your IT services

To get the most from your IT investment these days, you need to deal with your installation, communication links, the internet, intranet, web-site and now ‘the Cloud’- all those ‘ought to have’ jargon laden areas for which expertise isn’t required all of the time, and for areas that you don’t want or need to retain expertise for all of the time. From design to upkeep, Iseberg can take the care of your interface with the e-world, looking after content, presentation, marketing and security, at value for money rates.

Iseberg specialise in offering the smaller business enterprises a service to ensure that their customers can have available all current information at all times.

Optimise Cost of Ownership / Improve your Return on Investment

Desktop PCs, laptops, network devices, printers and all of the other pieces of equipment you buy to operate your business represent a tidy sum of investment. From this you have to maximise your ROI. To do this you need the expertise to hand to achieve it, but having full-time staff to do this detracts from their real worth.

So while you concentrate on the business in hand, we will keep an eye on the smooth running of your systems and equipment. Working with you to maximise the effect they can have for your business. Identifying areas for improvement

Periodic reviews of issues within your company, timely application of upgrades from outside to protect the security of your installation.

Project Management

We can take on the task of seeing through from conception to completion projects of work that would otherwise overload your current resources. We use formal methodologies based on Prince, along with MS-Project, PMW, or your preferred application.

Quality programs for ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO27001

To gain that edge in your marletplace these quality accolades are important. The time and effort to achieve and retain them can be time consuming. Iseberg can take on the roles for introducing, documenting and applying these, working with you and your staff to ensure success. There to guide you through the process to certification.

We have available a sample set of manuals, and depending on your business, Procedures, Forms and Work Instructions too.

Offer independent professional advice

There is an awful lot of hype, confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to making important decisions on the way forward. From our history of PC manufacture and support, software development, Government, and Defence work, as well as that of private businesses, we can assist in achieving the best results for you for all of your IT issues.

But it’s none of those I want!
Whether we’ve covered your problem above or not get in contact and let us see if we can help.