What have we done in the past?

• Implementation of the world’s largest RF based meter reading system (£9m back in the lat ’90s
• Board level responsibilities for Company set-up, growth and development.
• World-wide product strategy determination for US based software house.
• Completion of projects totaling £50m within budgets and timescales..
• Introduction and encompassment of latest technologies.
• Successful development, management, planning and control of staff numbers of 40 staff.
• Consistent over-achievement of targets set for support operations.
• Application of high professional standards through ISO 9001 and ITIL
• Comprehensive management experience from extensive knowledge of a wide range of market areas.
• Received a cheque from Bill Gates for networking operating software.
• Well-honed skills at the practical management of staff and situations through up-keep of hands-on abilities.
• Strong sales and customer facing skills from pre- and post-sale involvement roles.
• Exhibition organisation from small showrooms to the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Conference Centre and the NEC

Installation and training Limited , the U.K.’s only distributor of Mercedes-Benz ‘G’ Wagens is supported by Iseberg. Introducing computers some years ago so that now they are able to easily carry out their business across Europe. They are not computer-minded, but use Iseberg to provide that expertise (

System support

All customers who have bought from Iseberg have come back for support. The knowledge has been built from experience honed from Ericsson, Apricot, Zenith, Tandon. Dorotech, Hewlett Packard, and Itron over the last 35 and more years.

It matters not whether the systems are Windows, UNIX based, or even Macintosh; stand alone or networked.


New and existing hardware installations and David Webster didn’t get where they are without consulting someone. The end results are happy customers and the prospect of a good cup of coffee and a chat when in their vicinity.

Software and applications

This came as part and parcel of providing viable solutions to all users, being able to offer advice and guidance on alternative ways of achieving the desired result. Sometimes there is no need to spend more money on more software, the existing products can do the job wanted, lack of knowledge can overlook these things sometimes.

Network infrastructure

A multi-server network was reviewed for performance. Using a fast ethernet backbone and workgroup networking, changes were made improving printing performance, staff usage, cross server communication.

Internet / Intranet / Extranet use and design

Origination of a Quality Program to ISO9001:2000, based on the Internet. It was used in house by Networking Imaging (UK) Ltd, and available for those suppliers who demanded client quality certification.

Countrywide inter-connection of electronic mail on across their network, replacement of dumb terminals with PCs for dual connection to PC and UNIX networks was carried out for David Webster Ltd..

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