Health Check

What can we do for YOU?

What state are you systems in?


Go thru the questions below. If any of them you are less than confident about, perhaps we should be talking

– Is the IT and Technology you are using fulfilling your expectations, what are the shortfall areas, what are the things that cause frustration?

– Would you like a review / survey of any areas so as to provide an assessment of actions that could be taken?

– Do you have shorter term needs for IT and Technology you need to resource?
Training in use of Excel, Word, etc..?
Upgrades, Office and Windows?
Firewall maintenance?

– Do you have sufficient support and assistance for your use of IT?

– How do you intend to approach future requirements?

– Have you considered moving to the ‘Cloud’?
It would make savings in equipment, space, security of data, utility bills, support resource requirements?

– Do you have regular housekeeping processes in place to maintain system efficiency?

– Is your website achieving your aims in terms of suitability, search engine placement?

– How up-to-date are you and your staff in respect of the Cloud and Virtualisation?

– Have you considered applying a BYOD policy?

– How accessible is the data on your system to you when away from the office?

– Do you find that you have to enter data more than once?

– Where spreadsheets are used to support business decisions are they accurate and applicable?

– Is your data compliant for your particular industry?

– Do you believe you are future proofed so as to be able to cope with the emerging advancements in applications, systems and technology overall?

– Those back-ups you take, can you actually restore from them? Have you tried it recently?

– How much malware is there on your systems?

If any one of these has caused you to stop for even a split second then there is something to discuss – 07802441728 now!

Whether we’ve covered your problem above or not get in contact and let us see if we can help.