Iseberg is here to provide a friendly face to users of any size; from the smaller business, who uses PC but has no knowledge of what to do when they have a problem, through to the larger business with wide area networks of mixed topology.

From the lowliest PC running any DOS applications through to the latest Windows 10, in all of its guises, to networks mixing UNIX and PC workstations, Iseberg can be there to help, assist and guide customers in managing IT and anything associated with it whatever the underlying technology.

Like the iceberg that is the logo, what can be seen from here up on the surface is only a small fraction of what lies below, and hence the strap line that MIS is so much more than you can see. Over 40 years of experience in systems for companies, both large and small, allows Iseberg to provide its services based on a wealth of knowledge greater than the alternatives out there.

Where does Iseberg come from?

Well, they came about originally from a group of four working for a then well-known PC manufacturer, back in the early ’80s. It struck them that there were an awful lot of good products around that weren’t making it to the market place. This was helped by the fact that members of the group were working across the pond in the States very often, and had access to all sorts of sources of new product that wasn’t being taken up by the ‘big-boys’. ‘Why don’t we do some deals and bring the stuff in over here and sell it relatively cheaply, while keeping our day jobs?’, they thought! Yep, a good idea; only thing was though, the market moved along too quickly, the day jobs got too hectic and it all fell apart.

Iseberg limped along doing bits and pieces through time, and in 1997 circumstances suggested it was time to use it as the day job. Basing itself on all of the experience gained from the initial days it has gone out, not as an operation without knowledge and experience, but as a concern that knows what computing is all about, what matters to the users of systems. Iseberg isn’t interested in the ‘Let’s get this business, deliver it, and then move on to the next customer’ attitude. It would rather get the job right as the customer understands it, before moving forward for repeat business; and to be able to stop by for a friendly chat and a coffee at any time – not to be another pair of dusty heels disappearing into the twilight, never to be seen, or heard, of again!

Get in contact and let us see if we can help.