Office Automation

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Automate all of those time consuming repetitive processes


Those icons above look familiar don’t they. MS Office® applications and the various tools that come with it are the lifeblood of your everyday toil, and are essential to keep your business running.

Whether it is emails, diary appointments, web browsing, admin of staff absences (planned or unplanned), planning for finance, for sales, for stock, for supplies, even finding detail in databases, etc., Office is used for all these, and many others you forget about.

Many of the uses these applications are repetitive, daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce the drudge of these repeats, reduce thinking about how you did it the last time! All that time spent working and re-working charts and reports.

Well you can. By applying office automation thru the use of the tools behind the applications this can all be taken away. I can work with you to produce processes that will run from the simple press of one button. In the past I have reduced 2-3 days of month end analysis to less than 2 minutes!

Doing this will save lots of work time by speeding up often used processes. It will reduce mistakes from pressing the wrong keys, forgetting to save information, it will speed up the retrieval of those important pieces of data that you need to analyse your business.

No, that’s not what I’m looking for!

Whether we’ve covered your problem above or not get in contact and let us see if we can help.