Website Services

Iseberg have been involved with development and improvement of websites since the world-wide web started. Back then there were no fancy tools to make everyone an expert and professional in producing their website. They had to be carefully crafted to achieve maximum effect and performance.

Even now nothing has changed the need for expertise and ability after the initial site is produced.

All of the activities needed to create a brilliant site you can do yourself, of course. According to the ads on TV it is so easy, and they will turn out to be professional, and everything you could wish for, yea, right.

The trouble is, they could, but they don’t. Producing chunks of text and throwing in a few pictures, that is the easy bit.

Making them attractive, inviting, getting visitors to contact you – that is the hard part.

Getting them on to Page 1 of Google, and staying there is harder still. For one sort of Google enquiry I have 6 on the 1st page, all unsponsored!

Then there ares the maintenance issues.

Is it up to date?

The responsive part is not really that.

Where did those inappropriate blog entries come from , how do I stop them, get rid of them?

How do I handle legislation changes?

Do I have all the pages I should have to be legal?

How do I improve it?

How do  I attract more visitors?

Who are the visitors?

It has been hacked, so what do  I do?

It’s been down, for how long?

I want to add booking facilities

I want a product catalogue that updates automatically.

Any if this ring any bells? The list can go on and on and …